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Babymall & Care

Babymall & Care

Giới thiệu Babymall & Care

Introducing Babymall & Care

Babymall & Care is a pioneer company in Vietnam specializing in children's products. The company's fields of activity include:


Foundation & Core Values

Vision:  With the orientation: Developing retail chain systems for pregnant mothers & babies & Researching and launching specialized products for children, the Company always takes the mission of "Bringing good products best for Vietnamese children" as a guideline for all business activities.


Products : Babymall & Care is always committed to bringing products directly from the manufacturer to users and controlling quality to meet the increasing needs of customers. All products at Babymall & Care have clear origins, quality, diverse types and reasonable prices. Therefore, parents can completely feel secure and confident when choosing to use products at Babymall & Care.


Convenience:  Babymall & Care always achieves 100% annual growth, the supermarket system is covering over 40 provinces and cities in Vietnam. Among them, City. HCM is the largest market with nearly 90 selling points, followed by Binh Duong and Dong Nai. In the future, Babymall & Care plans to cover 64 provinces and cities with a commitment to bringing shopping convenience to all parents across the country: genuine imported products, quality, reasonable prices and variety of types. Thanks to that, customers can find any baby products at Babymall & Care supermarket.


Technology:  Babymall & Care is built on a modern information technology platform. The company invests in a software system to manage and control all business activities, from operations, product distribution to sales, and optimize operating processes. Thanks to that, many costs are cut during the operating process to achieve a selling price suitable for the majority of Vietnamese consumers.


Human resources:  Professional, dedicated staff and the pride of the Company. The total number of professionally recruited and trained employees is currently up to about 1,000 employees. In addition, the spiritual life of employees is also cared for and cared for with remuneration policies, improving working spirit and inspiring employees to contribute and bring value to themselves and themselves. community.


Partners:  Babymall & Care has the advantage of cooperating with many multinational corporations, as well as exclusive distribution for many Japanese, Korean, and Thai brands. In addition, Babymall & Care also cooperates with many leading factories in Japan, Korea, and Thailand to research and produce the best products for Vietnamese children.


Babymall & Care Company Information

Tax code:  0317579280

Hotline:  (082)2117090
Customer Service Hotline:  0822117090

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